Principals Message

Welcome to Shepherd Primary School!  Iā€™m Alisa Lott, and I want to say how incredibly honored and excited I am to be the Principal here.  Through building and strengthening relationships, I strive to create the brightest future for our students.  My vision is to empower and equip every student every day through effective instruction.  It is a blessing to have the opportunity to work with amazing families, students, and staff.  


Shepherd Primary School provides each student with a safe, nurturing, and child-centered environment where our students can grow academically, socially, and emotionally.  Whether our students are online or on-site, our staff members are dedicated and committed to the success of every student.


I look forward to a great year!  Feel free to contact me anytime at 936-628-3302 ext. 4100 or by email at



Alisa Lott